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On the Guns Thing, I would Just Like to Point Out…

See the differences? See the statistically significant correlation between homicide by firearms and ownership of firearms? See the massive difference between the United States and other developed countries? Now, since yesterday, we have heard a whole bunch of rationalizations as to why this has nothing to do with guns. So, let me unpack some of […]

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The Sociology Elders on The Social Movements in Tunisia and Egypt

First, Manuel Castells (roughly translated from Italian, via Stephanie Wojcik) correctly notes that revolutions with people in the streets come first, the significance of Al-Jazeera, then social media catch on: “The protests that overthrew the dictator Tunisian Ali Ben once again demonstrate the power of spontaneous social movements in the era of digital communications. The process, which in […]

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Slums, however deadly and insecure, have a bright future

UN Habitat has just published its State of African Cities 2010: Governance, Inequality and Urban Land Market. Globally, the 21st century is and will continue to be an urban century, but especially so in the periphery. As the report states: “In 2009 Africa’s total population for the first time exceeded one billion, of which 395 million (or […]