A Win-Win-Win Situation | The Global Sociology Blog

The Democratic primary seems to be over after Senator Clinton went through the latest degradation ceremony required by the Democratic party and the Village patriarchy (and she acquitted herself with class, distinction and intelligence you won’t find in the media, the Democratic leadership or the Obama campaign), but that has not stop the vitriol, the misogyny and the sheer idiocy of the Obama Fan Base (no links, you can see them at work in the comments of the pro-Hillary blogs).

Quite frankly, I don’t think they can stop it even if they wanted to, once that can of sexist and misogynystic worms has been open (and it was open at the top, with Senator Obama himself, aided and abetted by the Democratic leadership, and cheered on by the MSM and the A-List blogs with a few exceptions), you can’t just put it back and closed the lid. Whether Senator Obama is himself sexist (I think he is, based on his behavior during the campaign) is irrelevant, misogyny has been a winning tactic for him.

The only difference now is that the gloating, condescension, arrogance and patronizing have been cranked up. “The party has to be united, the Obama Fans”, hector us. “Even Senator Clinton has acknowledged it. You have to do what she says!” Some idiot at Daily Kos even threatened that we had until Friday to jump on the bandwagon or else! Well, Friday has come and gone and I have not been smitten. Big surprise. That’s the Obama Fan Base for ya: All bombast, all BS.

The exasperated push for unity NOW!!! are also a nice way for all these guys to exonerate themselves from all the hatred, sexism, misogyny, vitriol and venom (not to mention the lies and slander diffused from the top and that they propagated gleefully) they spewed. No accountability, no responsibility for one’s actions. We gotta move on. No time for self-examination. The only acknowledgment of nasty things being said will made in the form of “both sides did it, now, let’s unite!!”. Sorry, no dice. It was heavily one-sided.

So, here is where I stand: no unity. I’ve said it before, I’m a member of the PUMA party, which is a win-win-win situation:

  1. If Obama loses in the GE, I’ll get to be as obnoxious as the Obama Fan Base was/is. I’ll be all over the place, telling “I told you so” except not so politely.
  2. Since I won’t be campaigning, I’ll have more time to, hopefully, make a dent in that pile of books that keeps growing (especially since there are fewer blogs to read). Maybe I’ll work on Progressive Blogosphere 2.0. AND I’ll get to spend the $2,300 I had saved for the GE.
  3. Finally, if Obama gets elected (and once again, in his career, he is facing a situation where my dead grandmother could win this election), I’ll benefit from all the magic ponies that will surely fall from the sky on November 5th, which happens to be my birthday.

In any cases, I win.

Good luck to you Obamacans! It’s your nominee. It’s your party. As far as the election is concerned, I’m on vacations.