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  1.   David Bryant Says:

    Thanks for any help you can supply on data sources. Glad to share my results with you.

    David Bryant


  2.   Dario Says:


    I’m writing from the Institute of Art and Ideas in London. I just came across one of your blog articles on social mobility and I thought that you might be interested in a video we’ve just released.

    “Dangerous Dynasties and Blood Ties” is a debate on the question of inheritance of wealth, position and the consequences for inequalities and social mobility.

    I thought the debate might appeal to you and if it does it would be lovely if you could post a link to it.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with any additional content (text, images).



  3.   Emile Gonzagas Says:


    I recently started my own blog Sociology Unlimited. My aim is to provide interesting posts on sociology/criminology that are well-researched and with cited sources.

    If you are interested I would be glad if you could feature them on yours.



    Emile Gonzagas.


  4.   Costan Sequeiros Bruna Says:

    Greetings. I’m Costán Sequeiros, owner of the Tribulaciones de la Clase Ociosa blog which you have in your global sociology blog list (for which I am enormously grateful!). Just wanted to let you guys know that the blog changed address, though, and is currently hosted here: If you could correct the link I would be even more grateful.

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work. :D


    •   Davinia Says:

      Buenos días,

      Soy una estudiante de Antropología, y leyendo a Constan Sequeros, me surge la duda de quién fue la primera persona que acuñó el término de “agencia compartida” y en qué año… No sé si me pueden ayudar ustedes, porque no consigo encontrar información acerca de ello en internet…

      Muchas gracias!



  5.   Leyla Segobin Says:

    My name is Leyla Segobin, a 22 years old psychology student. I am from Malaysia but currently studying in UK.
    In my research I saw that there is a tendency for therapy and counseling to move online in the future. I think it is an interesting topic, that maybe you will like to touch in the future. I also found a great infographic that summarizes very nicely this information so maybe you will consider to also include it in one of your future posts. Here it is:
    It would be nice to know also your opinion. What do you think about the subject?
    All the best and keep up the good work!
    Leyla Segobin


  6.   Roberto Di Molfetta Says:

    Hi, I’m an italian degreed in communication sciences (Univ. La Sapienza of Rome).
    I’m writing in a blog to share ideas and notes about social sciences.
    I would exchange my links with you:
    If you want, contact me to reciprocal link at
    Thanks for your attention.
    Roberto DM


  7.   Michelle Says:

    I am looking for a website that shows interesting scatterplots. I have been scowering the internet and have not found a site dedicated to them. Do you know of any?


  8.   Nir Says:

    I have to give an honest review of your website. Looking at the articles in your archives, I can surely say that the admins gave quite an effort to make this website possible. But, it concerns me that you haven’t updated your website for nearly 2 years. What’s made this wonderful effort pause suddenly? Sociology has to be as relevant as possible and when so much is happening in the world that need meaningful avenues to debate, you suddenly seem to have put a full stop to further analysis.

    I request you to make some concrete effort to make this website functional again! Already, many meaningful websites dedicated to Sociology seem to be disappearing and I certainly don’t want to see that happening to you. Open a Twitter account, let followers know about you and your updates. Let emerging sociologists, myself included, get the chance to contribute to your forum. We can make it good again.



  9.   Dave Says:

    Hello, I wondered if you’d add our Top 100 Sociology Books list to your links section, and we’ll add your site to our links section too.



  10.   rock Says:



  11.   akesh Says:


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