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C. Wright Mills – Middle Class, Ideology, and Mass Consumer Society

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Having examined the weakest component of the power elite in the third chapter, in Stanley Aronowitz‘s Taking It Big – C. Wright Mills and The Making of Political Intellectuals, in chapter 4, the focus is on another major work of Mills’s: White Collar – The American Middle Classes, considered the second volume of his social structure […]

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The Visual Du Jour – Tons of Zombies!

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This is awesome. I have yet to watch Season 3, which I am saving for a long transatlantic flight, but I love this graphic representation of killing in the Walking Dead.

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On the Guns Thing, I would Just Like to Point Out…

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This obvious set of facts: See the differences? See the statistically significant correlation between homicide by firearms and ownership of firearms? See the massive difference between the United States and other developed countries? Now, since yesterday, we have heard a whole bunch of rationalizations as to why this has nothing to do with guns. So, […]

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