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And While We’re On The Subject of Race…

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Fabio Rojas has this visual to share comparing voting intents for Obama between 2008 and 2012: Rojas argues that Obama could well lose the popular vote but it would be mostly because of the South, concluding: “You’ll hear all kinds of post-hoc explanations of the election outcome in November. But they’re probably wrong unless they […]

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The Social Construction of Race

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On the one hand, there is this: “There’s never been good reason to believe that human beings are naturally racist. After all, in the environment of human evolution–which didn’t feature, for example, jet travel to other continents–there would have been virtually no encounters between groups that had different skin colors or other conspicuous physical differences. […]

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We Can Now Officially Bury The Stupid “Post-Racial” Meme (Along with The !@#$ Post-Truth Meme)

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So, this: “Racial prejudice in America is more widespread now than when President Barack Obama became the country’s first black president in a historic 2008 vote, a new survey has shown. In a poll of racial attitudes by the Associated Press news agency, researchers found that more Americans have attitudes that are both implicit and explicitly racist […]

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