The Visual Du Jour – It’s A Dudes’ World

October 22, 2012 by and tagged

Which is why I never really got into the whole thing (and the whole fantasy genre in general):

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  1.   Toomasz Says:

    I think there are fantasy worlds that are more balanced. For example the world of “The Witcher”
    On the other hand social structure of fantasy worlds usually reflects medieval/ancient social structure so these charts are not suprising. It would be interesting to look at some S–F worlds and analyze their social structure.


    •   SocProf Says:

      The very fact of such a proclivity of fantasy authors to rush for the medieval model (or their selective version of it) is itself a reflection of a nostalgia for a world dominated by men, so, it reinforces my point.

      And yes, there are definitely exceptions, but the fact that they are exceptions…


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