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Book Review – Naughts and Crosses

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I read Malorie Blackman‘s Naughts & Crosses because it got a lot of hype on my Twitter timeline and on the blogs I regularly read and also because, again, I am looking for a replacement to the Hunger Games as class project in my freshmen introduction to sociology class. Of course, the premise intrigued me. […]

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Planet of Geezers – Better Than Soylent Green or Logan’s Run

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Danny Dorling is optimistic on global ageing: “So what will a stable and older population look like? Our best clues are those societies that have already made the transition: look at Japan over the past couple of decades. Life expectancy will be very high and, barring years of natural disaster, should be expected to continue to […]

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Invisible Women

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Because one must not offend the delicate sensibilities of religious patriarchs, Ikea erases women from its Saudi catalog: Here is another example:

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