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The Visual Du Jour – The Amazon Model of Accumulation By Dispossession

July 8, 2012 by and tagged

David Harvey defines capitalism as accumulation by dispossession. The idea that accumulation is obtained through the raiding and exploiting of someone else’s resources and labor. I think the Amazon model fits the bill quite nicely (via): Note that the dispossession occurs at several levels. This is also a example of what Saskia Sassen calls savage […]

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Best Documentary on the Crisis

July 8, 2012 by

Now available on Vimeo (via Barry Ritzhold):   Posted with Blogsy

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Men Making Decisions About Women – A Visual

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So, first, we had this: And now, we have this (H/T: Isabelle Germain on Twitter): The context for this last one is this: “The IFAB agreed to unanimously approve – temporarily during a trial period – the wearing of headscarves. The design, colour and material permitted will be defined and confirmed following the IFAB Annual […]

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