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The Visual Du Jour – I Have Some Thinking to Do

September 30, 2011 by and tagged

Based on this: I guess things could be worse but still… and I have volunteer for an anti-slavery organization, dammit! Go ahead, take the survey yourself and compare.

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The Visual Du Jour – Eat Your Veggies! (They’re Cheaper Than Junk Food)

September 26, 2011 by and tagged , ,

At least according to Mark Bittman in this New York Times article: From the article: “THE “fact” that junk food is cheaper than real food has become a reflexive part of how we explain why so many Americans are overweight, particularly those with lower incomes. I frequently read confident statements like, “when a bag of […]

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My Life As A Feminist – Man-Caves

September 26, 2011 by and tagged , , ,

Ugh… Video here: “Throughout history men have always created personal spaces where they retreat to be amongst friends. Lately, these places, called “man caves”, have become a boom industry, with often more than $50,000 (£31,772) being spent on furnishing a single “cave”. Jeff Wilser, co-author of “The Man Cave Book”, talks to the BBC about […]

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Durkheim Would Have Predicted That One

September 26, 2011 by and tagged , , , ,

Geez, who could have guessed? Well, let’s see: “But after two rescue packages worth ¤210bn, and belt-tightening that has seen the income of the average household drop by 50%, the appetite of Greeks for more measures is clearly running out. Greece’s great economic crisis has been a gradual war of attrition. Massive job losses, tax […]

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Music Break – Passion Pit

September 25, 2011 by and tagged

The Reeling… groovy!

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Talk Like A Pirate 2.0

September 23, 2011 by and tagged

I know I am really late on this, but forget about the weird diction and the parrots perched on shoulders, this is the real !@#$:

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Talk About Being Late To The Party…

September 23, 2011 by and tagged , , , ,

Better late than never, I guess: How long have feminists argued such a thing, which is rather obvious: “Gender equality is shrewd economics as well as a human right, the World Bank has said in a report that showed countries with better opportunities for women and girls can boost productivity and development. The most glaring […]

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If You’ve Been Bitching About The New Facebook…

September 23, 2011 by and tagged ,

Check this out: And remember that, when you post photos on Facebook, they belong to them in perpetuity to use as they wish even after you delete your account.

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Why I Keep Harping on Inequalities

September 22, 2011 by and tagged , , ,

Because it is THE issue facing many societies today, with negative effects across the board, and yet, it is largely ignored: “The incomes of the richest sections of society are soaring in the UK, China and India, and in most other countries as well. The poorest groups are seeing slow improvements at best, and often […]

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The Visual Du Jour – It’s Lonely At… The Bottom??

September 22, 2011 by and tagged ,

Via. I know, I know, everybody hates the GINI coefficient… but everybody uses the GINI coefficient. No index is perfect and this one is still pretty decent, so, here goes: Obviously, the US ranks in the bottom half, along with countries such as Mexico, China, Madagascar and Mozambique. From the article: “The U.S., in purple […]

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The Power of Status Imposition And Fundamentalist Religion

September 22, 2011 by and tagged ,

Early in my introduction class, I use a short film on the torture and murder of child designated as witches by Pentecostal priests in Nigeria. This is a perfect illustration of the way assigning statuses is a source of power as such statuses can involve stigmatization and marginalization. The latest issue of Al-Jazeera’s People and Power shows […]

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Music Break – Kasabian

September 17, 2011 by and tagged

W00t! Their fourth album, Velociraptor, will be out here in a week and it’s great. Here’s the first single, Days Are Forgotten:

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The Visual Du Jour – US Social Indicators

September 15, 2011 by and tagged , ,

Via. Poverty: Minimum wage: Food insecurity: No health insurance: Median income:

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The Visual Du Jour – Again…

September 14, 2011 by and tagged ,

Apparently, this is not sinking in into the collective consciousness, so, here we go again:

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The Precariat as Denizens 2.0

September 11, 2011 by and tagged , , , , ,

This is another installment in a series of posts (here, here, here and here) I intend to write as I work my way through Guy Standing‘s The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class. In this section, the main topic is about another major component of the precariat: migrants. Migrants are both a cause of the growth of the precariat […]

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