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The Other Awesome Visual Du Jour – European Population

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And here are some more great interactive visuals, but this time, on the European population. Scroll the tab thingie at the bottom and watch the population changes for each European country:

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The (Awesome) Visual Du Jour – World Population

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Via The Guardian, some awesome, interactive graphs on world population: What will happen to the world’s population? Visualised | News | via kwout There is a lot more at the link. So. go check it out.

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Book Review – The Night Cleaner

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Florence Aubenas’s The Night Cleaner reads like Nickel And Dimed 2.0. The idea is simple: the Libération journalist went undercover and got herself on the labor market during the recession, wanting to experience what the cohorts of precarized workers experience, first hand. She would stay undercover until she found a full-time job. Her cover story […]

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