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Degradation Ceremonies – Fallen Villains

April 11, 2011 by and tagged

So, you may have seen this today:

This was reminiscent of that:

Or even that:

In both cases, we are dealing with Harold Garfinkel’s concept of degradation ceremony, defined as a communicative action designed to lower the status of a given individuals (or individuals). Since the goal is to degrade and humiliate, then, the targeted individuals may be stripped of proper clothing, shown unkempt, tied up in one way or another, shown in submission, deprived of any power (especially important in the case of former dictators and despots).

Or in the case of the Ceaucescu couple, looking like Eastern European peasants, instead of the feared power couple of Romania:

If the same fate befall Muhammar Gaddafi or Osama bin Laden, I am willing to bet that similar pictures will be widely broadcast.

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