A Moment of Hilarity While Grading

So I heard about this idiotic person complaining that Glee is turning teenagers gay:

First, I love the “some say” at the beginning of the clip. It’s a sure sign of “I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

But anyhoo, the thing that completely cracked me up is that while this moron is ranting and raving and Bible beating, they run the gay kiss over and over in a loop. Geebuz, they must have turn a million people gay right there!

5 thoughts on “A Moment of Hilarity While Grading

  1. Oh God, thank you for the fun. The split screen Bible + Kiss is just great.
    And I didn’t know this SNL gal had turned so bad. Such a pity.

    • She’s like Stephen Baldwin: not much talent to start with but found a niche with the religious fundies… to much hilarity.

  2. I wonder if this isn’t Victoria Jackson doing a “skit”, ala Charlie Sheen’s meltdown a few weeks ago (or Joaquin Phoenix’s stunt). Kind of like “hey, I’m a has-been whose career is circling the drain…you don’t remember me, but now you will.”

    Or maybe she just is a hompophobe, in which case, too bad.

    • An interesting thought, but she’s arguably just a homophobe and a has-been. At least with Sheen and Phoenix, they were/are still in the pop culture spotlight to a certain extent. I don’t know (nor do I really care), but has Victoria Jackson even done anything since, say the early-90s?

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