The Myth of Individualism – Illustrated

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It is kinda flattering when brilliant people follow you on Twitter (and I’m more than happy to follow back). Case in point, Brandon offers a most effective demonstration of the myth of individualism:

More great stuff over at Theory Drawn.

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4 Responses to “The Myth of Individualism – Illustrated”

  1.   Jason Jensen Says:

    Einstein proposed mass-energy equivalence in 1905 when he was 25-26, finishing or had finished his ph.d. Thesis and, I believe, still working at the patent office.


  2.   Jason Jensen Says:

    To clarify, I appreciate the Intrnt behind the drawing, but he could have picked a better anecdote.


    •   Randy Says:

      in his defense, he does have a disclaimer on his website that it’s not meant to be “biographically accurate.”


  3.   yup Says:

    yup, jason is right


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