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Stephanie Coontz on The Colbert Report

February 24, 2011 by and tagged , , ,

Stephanie Coontz is my all-time favorite sociologist of marriages and families (a topic that normally bores me to tears). Her book, Marriage: A History, is by far the most insightful I know on this subject (and top of the famous The Way We Never Were, and The Way We Really Are.

Her most recent book, A Strange Stirring, which I am currently reading, has the same qualities has her previous ones: extremely well written, in-depth without the jargon, and just kick-ass in terms of debunking non-sense discourse on marriages and families from the religious rights, puritan conservatives, and, shamefully, social scientists as well.

So, there she is, on The Colbert Report, as Colbert said, all dolled up and looking fantastic, and rocking it!

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