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The Visuals du Jour – Mexico Drug War Murders

January 14, 2011 by and tagged ,

Via, The Guardian:

And this:

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2 Responses to “The Visuals du Jour – Mexico Drug War Murders”

  1.   Trevor Cutrer Says:

    I would like a multi-dimensional chart/map correlating the number & locations of arrests/seizures over 50kilos, this information, tunnel discovery dates, police budget increases, and locations all vs the “street” price of cocaine. What I am looking for is the commonality/overlap of defense attorneys, Border/patrol staff on duty at the time of the events, and lobby firms, not a conspiracy.


    •   SocProf Says:

      This book shows that there is no question on the complicity of border patrol (on both sides) when it comes to trafficking.

      What quantities get seized becomes irrelevant because every agency uses drug trafficking so, it’s not really seizures as much as theft. The “goods” circulate between gangs, local police, federal police, and military (often trained by the DEA)… with dead people at every step. Of course, the end market for cocaine is the US (nothing new here).

      Huh, I still need to read more about all this.



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