The Yellow Peril!!!

This political ad is profoundly repulsive, racist and inaccurate:

OMG, the YELLOW PEOPLE are going to enslave us all!

I won’t go over the lies about tax and spend, the stimulus (which was too small, for starters).

As a side note, Amy Chua (OMG, American Chinese Filippina!) has long demonstrated that declining empires are marked by an increase in racism, ethnocentrism, “close the borders” kind of attitude which actually speed up the decline as these empires turn their back on what made their success: being attractive to the talents of the world through economic and educational investment and cultural tolerance.

The nasty social movements are founded on ignorance and prejudice will only accelerate the process.

2 thoughts on “The Yellow Peril!!!

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  2. I saw this earlier today and I have to say that it is a particularly interesting and effective ad. Also complete and utter bullshit, but hey, freedom of speech includes lying on TV. It’s been pointed out elsewhere that the things that caused “America’s downfall” in this video are all things that China has done to successfully stimulate their economy during this recession. What the Democrats have done has been sound policy, if too little, that is accepted in nearly every political context in the west. Seeing this kind of crap always puts into perspective how insanely conservative the right wing in the US has become.

    Also, Hegemonic Stability Theory basically says the same thing as Amy Chua: a failing imperial power will become punitive in its “hegemonic duties” (i.e., Iraq and Afghanistan) as well as all the nationalism stuff.

    But it won’t be those scary Chinese that replaces the US in that power structure. It’ll be those scary Europeans!!! OH NOES!!!

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