2 thoughts on “Whitewashing as Symbolic Violence and Racist De-Historicization

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  2. Thanks, Christine! I was thinking of short films/documentaries that I could show in class, and this one will definitely provoke a lot of discussion.

    It’s hard to defend “From Dixie with Love” as anything but racist with Klan members protesting its removal and white students saying, “F*ck those niggers” in response. I find it interesting that a young, white student with so much collective memory and nostalgia for a South long past (gone with the wind, dare I say?) cannot fathom how this song affects non-white students. Remember the South, forget slavery – whitewashed history indeed. You’d think her views would be transposed with that of the chancellor’s, that HE would cling to the traditions of the song. I used to take heart in the fact that people with such biased views would die relatively soon, but when we serve up whitewashed history to young students, we’re probably moving backwards in time!

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