The Visual Du Jour – US Prison Growth

Via Chris Uggen, every dot is a new prison. Pay also attention to the music and the visual, they are beautifully woven together:

One can nitpick, of course. It’s a bit longish and a timeline would have been nice but it makes a strong point.

2 thoughts on “The Visual Du Jour – US Prison Growth

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  2. A time line could be nice. Paul was clear that it was better for our purposes to leave that vague, leaning toward the impact that develops over time. The realization slowly sets in. If you look closely, a single dot barely shows up. By the time a color can be discerned, you’re looking at several dots in proximity or overlapping. It represents a vast number of prisons.

    The green dots, which appear more slowly, represent more than 100 years. The yellow and orange dots are 40 years each. The red dots which quickly overwhelm the image is a mere 25 years. This animation wasn’t created explain or entertain; it represents the data in a very particular manner which takes time to digest. It’s one thing to know the US has a great many prisons, but it’s something entirely different to see each one appear solitarily in the blackness eventually depicting the very shape of the country.

    thanks for watching.

    nathan eyring
    (the animator)

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