Racist Computers

[Update, via Angela Adkins on Twitter: “HP posted a response http://bit.ly/7WeURw “insufficient foreground lighting” is easier to say than “we assume white is the default.””]

This video is already making the rounds (as always when it comes to YT videos, for you own sanity and faith in humanity, don’t read the comments):

As with many aspects of structural racism, this product was designed by people who simply assumed “everyone” is white, and didn’t spend any time considering how it would work with other skin tones.

This video is already going viral. HP has some ‘splaining to do. And some corrections to make.

6 thoughts on “Racist Computers

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  4. this is eye opening yet should not be surprising to me. thank you for the warning about comments. for once I will listen to it.

  5. Simple solution to this problem; Don’t buy HP computers! Assemble your own computer (that is, buy the casing, motherboard, hard drive, CPU, graphics board, video card, DVD burners[make sure you have two of them!], monitor[buy a new TV set, it will work with your computer as well], keyboard, mouse, webcam, microphone, and then put it all together, or have somebody do it for you.) Or just buy Apple or Alienware (although both are pretty pricey).

    I’d also say boycott HP as well, although you may have to check into other companies that have better things that can be bought as well if you do so.

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