Cleaning Up The Pleasure Periphery

Because we wouldn’t want the tourists’ vacations to be disrupted by the poverty beneath the surface of a global resort. The solution? Social killings, a form of social cleansing targeting the poor.

And, unsurprisingly, street children are the prime target for social killings. Claiming to solve social problems through this form of social cleansing is not unique to Brazil. For those who remember the documentary Children Underground, about the street kids in Romania might also remember some of the comments by the people interviewed stating that the government should engage in massive euthanasia of these kids as the only solution to the problem.

Incidentally, there were then a lot of street children in Romania because Ceausescu had banned contraception and abortion in Romania in order to get a numerous workforce. As a result, a lot of people ended up with children they did not want or could not afford. There were then mass abandonment and abuse and a lot of these children ended up in state’s orphanages that were more like 19th century prisons, also marked by all forms of abuse. When the Ceausescu regime collapsed, the staff just took off and the kids found themselves having to fend for themselves.

Anyone who believes that banning abortion and contraception makes for a more humane society should look at the societies that have done so and the results. It is not pretty.

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