Banal Racism – Mexican Stereotypes Edition

>This Burger Kind ad distributed in Spain provoked the ire of the Mexican government:

BK ad

Aaah, the nice contrast between the tall, slender, muscular and handsome American cowboy (how ironic considering the rates of obesity in the US) and the short, fat, greasy, Mexican wrestler… who could possibly find this ethnocentric and racist. BK got the message and decided to modify the ad.

4 thoughts on “Banal Racism – Mexican Stereotypes Edition

  1. Good thing you mentioned this. I am Mexican so have that in mind while you read my interpretation.

    The Mexican government complained about the use of the Mexican flag, since for “us” it’s illegal to use it somewhere else other than in a flagpole.

    That was the only “objective” issue about it from what I can remember.

    The second and tacit issue. When complaining about “ethnocentrism” or “racism” we are the ones actually committing racism because or at least discriminating on the basis for height and/or skin color.

    What’s wrong with looking like that?

    • There is, of course, nothing wrong with looking like that.

      But you have to consider the cowboy and the wrestler side by side, as used by the ad, as stereotypes representative of culture / country and look which side is protrayed in a more flattering manner in the contrast.

      Stereotypes are always false but the point is their use in an ad as shortcut for culture.

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