I guess Not Everyone is Feeling the Crunch

Some people can still afford purely selfish and extremely costly “vacations”:

Any better illustration of global and national stratification?

5 thoughts on “I guess Not Everyone is Feeling the Crunch

  1. This “above it all” theme always reminds me of David Korten’s intro of When Corporations Rule the World where he compares the uber-wealthy to the Cloud Minders in Star Trek.

    • I particularly liked this:
      “Let’s face it, if you’re taking TARP funds, it’s really hard to justify getting a [luxury] box,” says Neal Sroka, a luxury real estate agent hired by the Yankees to help sell the team’s premium seats, referring to the funds distributed to banks under the Troubled Asset Relief Program.”

      Aww, such a virtuous citizen!

      Is it me or are we seeing a lot of articles in the media about how the rich have it hard too? Like this.

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