I guess Not Everyone is Feeling the Crunch

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Some people can still afford purely selfish and extremely costly “vacations”:

Any better illustration of global and national stratification?

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  1.   T B Says:

    For those of you who can’t read French –
    The header text just declares that 35 million dollars was spent to travel to ‘space.’

    The text below that covers (among other things) Charles Simonyi’s travels. There’s more info here –


  2.   T B Says:

    Here’s a relevant Sociological Images post (which I’ve had in my Delicious bookmarks) –

    Between your post and theirs, “Above it all” has multiple related meanings.


  3.   SocProf Says:

    This “above it all” theme always reminds me of David Korten’s intro of When Corporations Rule the World where he compares the uber-wealthy to the Cloud Minders in Star Trek.


  4.   dmayeda Says:

    I certainly wouldn’t say this is a better example, and it’s not exactly along the same lines. But sports ownership and spectating at these costs is definitely exorbitant-

    And this is to say nothing of good ol’ A-Rod’s quarter of a billion contract. Oh yea, now he got busted for roiding and is undergoing surgery. Goodness…


    •   SocProf Says:

      I particularly liked this:
      “Let’s face it, if you’re taking TARP funds, it’s really hard to justify getting a [luxury] box,” says Neal Sroka, a luxury real estate agent hired by the Yankees to help sell the team’s premium seats, referring to the funds distributed to banks under the Troubled Asset Relief Program.”

      Aww, such a virtuous citizen!

      Is it me or are we seeing a lot of articles in the media about how the rich have it hard too? Like this.


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