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Le Corps Des Femmes: Force-Fed Into Marriage

February 28, 2009 by and tagged , , ,

File this one as part of the patriarchal logic that treats a woman’s body as male property to be modified according to cultural norms, such as being cut through female genital mutilation, or, in this case, fattened: Girls force-fed for marriage as old traditions take grip in west Africa | World news | The Observer […]

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How Female Genital Mutilation Persists

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It is a combination of factors: patriarchy, traditional rule, cowardice on the part of Western aids organizations, political convenience and just good old fashioned brutality against anyone who dares reporting on it or fighting it: Genital mutilation: Women fight Africa’s taboo – Africa, World – The Independent via kwout And it’s torture too in the […]

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The Rich Are Suffering Too… Or Maybe Not (And Who Cares)

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So, the rich are suffering too: Trying to Live on 500K in New York City – via kwout Then, add the living expenses: Trying to Live on 500K in New York City – via kwout Add children: Trying to Live on 500K in New York City – via kwout Conclusion? Well, maybe […]

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Wiping One’s Ass Kills The Environment

February 28, 2009 by and tagged ,

American taste for soft toilet roll ‘worse than driving Hummers’ | Environment | via kwout Greenpeace has actually a great guide that lists which brand are environmentally ok and which ones are as bad as Hummers. I’m sure there are environmentally friendly creams for when we all get butt rashes.

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And The Award Goes To…

February 27, 2009 by and tagged , , , , , , , , , ,

… Joel Best, for Prize Proliferation, Sociological Forum, Vol. 23, No. 1, March 2008, pp. 1- 27. Prize proliferation, the topic of Best’s articles, is simply the multiplication of awards being created for a variety of achievements or performances in many social and cultural domains and across institutional domains (including within the ASA). For Best, […]

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Philip Jose Farmer (1918 – 2008)

February 27, 2009 by and tagged

Damn, I missed that one: Locus Science Fiction & Fantasy News: Philip José Farmer, 1918-2009 via kwout

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La Condition Humaine 2.0

February 25, 2009 by and tagged , , ,

First, via Jeremy Hunsinger and here for the original, And then, the indispensable Abstruse Goose :

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When Bloodshed Fuels Bloodshed – An Animal-Human Continuum

February 25, 2009 by and tagged , , ,

So, the ivory trade is making a comeback after years of success in reestablishing elephant populations in various African countries, and it has a lot to do with human conflicts: How the ivory trade funds bloodshed – Africa, World – The Independent via kwout And here, when China enters a market as buyer, its impact […]

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“Octomom”, Labeling Theory, Power and Deviance

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I have already blogged about the "Octomom" and it just so happens that I was discussing deviance with my students today and her case, of course, came into the discussion and that gave me the opportunity to make a few sociological points regarding the labeling process, moral entrepreneurs and power. My first question to the […]

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Anomie in The UK

February 23, 2009 by and tagged ,

Indeed, looks like social solidarity is down the tube: Anomie in the UK: The Steep Decline of the British Economy – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International via kwout How could this possibly happen? Deregulate… Drive policy as if there was "no such thing as a society… only individuals and their families"… slash and burn […]

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One Fifth of Coral Reef is Already Gone

February 23, 2009 by and tagged , , , , ,

And the rest is endangered, so say the International Coral Reef Initiative and l’Initiative française pour les récifs coralliens (via Le Monde). This joint work took four years and some 400 researchers from 96 countries. According to their observations, the world has already lost 19% of its coral reef – one of the world’s richest […]

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Joseph Stiglitz is My Hero

February 22, 2009 by and tagged

Via Susie, Jeffrey Sachs would too if I could get the IMF shock therapy on Russia out of my mind.

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February 21, 2009 by and tagged

Apparently, that’s what I am: ISTJ Profile via kwout Works for me except for the last paragraph which seems to conservative for my taste although I tend to lean towards the authoritarian left. What are you?

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The Case for Mandatory Immunization

February 21, 2009 by and tagged ,

Via Le Monde, Switzerland may be the homeland of many pharmaceutical companies as well as the World Health Organization, but it has also become the ground zero for cases of measles. A study published in The Lancet compared measles cases in several EU and non-EU European countries. The authors conclude that contrary to WHO projections, […]

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The Crisis of Credit Visualized

February 20, 2009 by and tagged

A great illustrated version (in two parts) that makes it all crystal clear: Part One And Part Two:

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