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Free Market Ideology = Corporate Welfare in Practice

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George Monbiot: The free market preachers have long practised state welfare for the rich | Comment is free | The Guardian via kwout And of course, Big Corn is not the only pig at the trough. Monbiot runs down the list: Advanced Technology Program which was supposed to promote high-tech innovation in a non-competitive environment […]

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Ogaden – The Forgotten Dirty Little War

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L’Ogaden, la sale guerre que personne ne veut voir – Tout savoir sur les dernières actualités politiques, monde, société, sports, écologie avec le journal en ligne Libération via kwout Burnt villages, displaced populations, mass rapes, assassinations… does this sound familiar? This has become the usual pattern of new wars. Except this one does not receive […]

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The Failed Bailout Was a Good Thing

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Don’t listen to the pundits. Congressfolks were probably swamped with emails and phonecalls and a lot of them are up for reelection… damn "people", they screwed up the big Obama-Paulson plan. As always, Ian Welsh explains: "Over the last 30 years the US had a class war , and the middle class lost almost every […]

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The Girl Effect

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Via Davidson at Corrente: See also the website. A simple way to put what a lot of people in development have been shouting for years.

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Real Unemployment

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It is always somewhat tricky to explain to students how/why the level of unemployment in the United States is underrated, thanks to the invaluable Avedon, there is now a neat graphic illustrating it: See Shadow Government Statistics for other “correct” data.

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Of Goddesses and Lady Saints

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Ok, let me just say this, I find this ridiculous… I mean, it’s a great job and all but still: India’s hugging saint embraces a military target – Asia, World – The Independent via kwout 50,000 hugs a freakin’ day?? Good grief. Again, there are tougher jobs but I can’t believe people buy that… plus […]

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The Children of Forgotten Wars – Democratic Republic of Congo

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Tim Hancock: Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo goes on unnoticed by much of the world | Comment is free | via kwout Sadly, Samuel’s story is fairly typical of what happens to young boys in the DRC, forced to become child soldiers. But they are not the only victims: women and […]

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Rep. Marcy Kaptur – Doing The People’s Work

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Boy, This Takes Me Back (You Had To Be There)

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Via Denis Colombi (Congrats!)… be kind to your Prepa students, Denis, they’ll remember you fondly for it! But boy does this take me back to my days as a Khagneuse at Condorcet (Paris). I almost tagged this “human rights.” Read the rest here. Lots of other goodies at Surimi Bleu!

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“The Century of Migrating Peoples”

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Antonio Guterres (Wikipedia page), Un High Commissioner on Refugees, gave an interview to Le Monde at the occasion of the UN General Assembly meeting to discuss the question of climate refugees, a status yet not legally recognized. If there is a debate on climate change (big "if"), there is, according Guterres, no debate concerning the […]

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Dexter’s Back!!

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Best show on TV! Did I mention that Dexter is an exercise in social identity, dramaturgy and norm interpretation? That’s right, it’s all microsociology.

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Afghanistan’s Most Famous Policewoman Assassinated in Kandahar

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Une célèbre femme policier assassinée à Kandahar, Proche Moyen-Orient – via kwout Kandahar, as the article indicates, is a Taliban stronghold. Malalaï Kakar, 40, mother of 6, was in charge of the Division of crimes against women at th Kandahar police department. She had received threats from the Taliban before. Herself the daughter of […]

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Things That Suck

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Paul Newman dies at 83 | Film | via kwout

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Arctic Speed-Melt Record

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So says The Blue Marble: The Blue Marble: Arctic Speed-Melt Record via kwout And they’ve got the video to prove it:

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Best Explanation of the Crisis I’ve Seen

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By RDF over at European Tribune: "Two guys standing nearby get into a discussion and Fred says to Sam, "I’ll bet you $5 that Joe wins his bet." Next to them are Bill and Bob. Bill says: "I’ll bet you $10 that Fred welshes on his bet if he loses." Next to them is Sally. […]

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