The Problem with Palin

[Update: just go read Zuzu]

First, it is ridiculous to see the former progressive blogosphere all up in arms over the fact that McCain chose a social conservative Republican as his running mate. Who the hell did they think he was going to pick? Russ Feingold??

The real problem is this, as best explained by Anglachel (as always):

"The real elephant (ahem) in the middle of the room is the unacknowledged fact that the DNC and their selected candidate abused the intelligence and trust of the party base and subjected the base’s preferred candidate to outrageous abuse month after month in the primaries. The blogosphere’s hysterical overreaction to the Palin selection reveals the fear that their hate-filled, explicitly misogynist tactics will backfire on them and that a significant enough percentage of this disaffected base will do more than sit out the election in November, but will actively cast a protest vote.

Clinton Democrats know exactly how revolting the Republican ticket is. That’s why we voted for Hillary. That’s why we rejected the Obama message of bipartisanship and content-free hopey-changey. Obamacans were the ones happy to play patty-cake with these bastards and throw our economic and legal concerns into the toilet. Hillary is still out there fighting for UHC, btw, while Obama’s good buddy John Kerry declares that a Democratic Congress isn’t even going to try to get it in front of a Democratic president."

And lest we forget, Obama was bringing up the "message of bipartisanship and content-free hopey-changey" at his Convention speech.

The DNC, Obamacans and the nominee have painted themselves in a corner. That’s what the problem is. Clinton Democrats and women are not going to vote for Palin. But if MSNBC, the fever swamp over at Daily Kos and elsewhere in the so-called blogosphere and the DNC go all misogynyst assholes as they have done in the primary, it might depress women’s turnout for Obama enough to make a difference.

And while they’re at it, the ageist stuff is also a great idea, because we know seniors don’t vote in large numbers… oh wait… are these people willfully stupid?

4 thoughts on “The Problem with Palin

  1. Another reason why I think “methodological nationalism” is doomed anyways and a complicated adventure for sociologists. WHich nation society should we trust? All that I am saying is that domestic politics often viods the cosmopolitan sociological imagination and re-legitimizes the container politics. Granted, there is a interesting development and re-shifting between the meanings of left and right in th UNited States. By choosing Palin as his VP, I think that McCain is trying to copy the “third way” approach (here in the USA)or something that may further confuse the feminists to give their vote for Palin. The only sad thing is that there is no Feminist party or functioning Green Party in the UNited States that would make more sense than the usual two-party approach that we’ve got going here.

  2. I don’t think there will be any confusion in the Clinton feminists like myself. We know exactly how culturally and politically conservative Palin is.

    The point of the nomination, for McCain, was to consolidate once and for all the evangelical votes (it was always stupid of Obama to court it at the expenses of the traditional Democratic base). That was accomplished.

    The other goal is not to get feminist vote (that won’t happen) but to keep alive the disgust many women felt at the horrific sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton. You can already see how the attacks on Palin mirror the attacks on Clinton.

    The idea is to depress the Clinton Democrat female votes for Obama. Here is what’s gonna happen:

    the sexist insults fly:
    1. Obama tells his supporters to stop it, then, one will ask why he didn’t do so when Clinton was the recipient of the same sexist attacks

    2. Obama does nothing and there are now two data points as to his sexism or his benefiting from sexism

    3. the Republicans rush to Palin’s rescue and they can now paint the Democrats as sexist.

    It is quite appropriate to note that payback / karma is a bitch (pun intended).

  3. Thanks for the cite. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Sorry to read about the mess yesterday since I was looking forward to discussing things with you once I got my persistent site login problems straightened out.

    All my best – Anglachel

  4. Thanks, Anglachel, for the blogrolling and kind words.

    Now you know where I am to discuss stuff! :-)

    And I’ve been a faithful (and impressed) reader of your blog ever since Riverdaughter, over at The Confluence (pre-PUMA era) repeatedly linked to you.

    Hope to “see” you around!

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