The Obama Fan Base: Misogynistic Sociopaths

Case in point (I am not linking directly to that vile place, you can follow the link from Corrente,) these lovely comments:

"At the end of WWII, all the French whores who serviced the Germans were rounded up. Their heads were shaved, and they were tarred and feathered.

At the end of a war, the victorious side settles its debts. If you helped, you get a reward. If you did not help, you are in serious trouble.
Posted by dataguy"

"I like the shaven head and tar and feathering idea for Clintonistas!!
Posted by Mandy"

But they’re not misogynistic at all, no no no. And note hateful either. And the rest of the comments are similar. I did not cherry pick, the rest is just as disgusting. I have nothing in common with these people. They are not progressive. They are not liberal.

And for those who would suggest that these are supporters, not Obama himself, let me say this: he encouraged this behavior during the primary because it benefited him. He engaged in it himself. He opened that Pandora’s box.

If a politician attracted the membership of the KKK, we (liberals, progressives) would not even consider supporting him.

If a politician attracts misogynistic sociopaths… you can finish the sentence yourselves.

2 thoughts on “The Obama Fan Base: Misogynistic Sociopaths

  1. While I am horrified by such comments, I think the isn’t a parallel to the KKK example.

    If someone attracted members of the KKK, then it’s due to their political stance. When politicians attach people who make that sort of remarks, it’s due to their gender.

    We won’t disavow a white politician who draws racist voters, because his or her opponent is black. However, we will disavow the politician if he or she actively courts those racist voters.

    Given the fact that Obama has a much better voting record when it comes to womens’ right to choose than McCain, I think that it would be tactical unsound to not vote for him in the election.

    Still, would be nice if he spoke out against this sort of comments.

  2. I pretty much agree with all that, Kristjan. Let me nitpick, though. I think there is a case to be made that his recent political stance (on late term abortions, faith-based initiatives and other matters of sexuality) shows that he actively pursues the evangelical (sexist and homophobic) votes.

    But like you wrote, I am still waiting for him to disavow that misogynistic stuff and he hasn’t… since January. (

    And even though he has a better record than McCain (low standard). He still has to be evaluated on his own merits, irrespective of who is his opponent.

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