Idiots Getting What They Deserve – Pamplona Edition

See this?


I’m rooting for the bull here. So, stories like this, in the Independent, do not move me one bit. Anyone who gets hurt in this barbaric "tradition" deserves what they get because this is what they came for. And I can’t understand why the Red Cross even bothers… let these idiots get themselves to the hospital.

And we all know what happened to the animals, right? They all get invariably killed each afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Idiots Getting What They Deserve – Pamplona Edition

  1. How blind we all are when we look at these human-constructed events that involve animals and think for one second the animals have choice or leverage. They always end up suffering, sometimes within our view, but often that’s concealed. Such systemic use and suffering of animals requires us to ask: who creates these events, and why? How do they benefit? This applies to bullfights, rodeos, dog fighting, horse racing, and so on. It teaches us a lot about the fragile social construction of gender and what lengths we will go to achieve it. Unfortunately, the animals have less power than us so we do with them what we like.

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