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Calling All Global Sociology Bloggers

July 8, 2008 by and tagged ,

I have had the privilege of having my blog linked to by some great bloggers in other parts of the world, some who blog in English and some who do not. I would love to have more non-US sociology bloggers in my blogroll, so, please, if anyone knows non-US socbloggers who blog about issues of interest to the general public and that might show the relevance of the sociological perspective, please, leave their URL in the comments. The more the merrier.

Here are the non-US bloggers I have so far (it’s not enough! I need more!):

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7 Responses to “Calling All Global Sociology Bloggers”

  1.   Tina Says:

    Hi Socprof, you found quite a few interesting new sociology blogs, here. You might want to check out my list on sozwiki where I add my new discoveries. Do you – or global sociology readers – know any blogs on sociology from Japan, China, India, the middle East or Israel?


  2.   Martin Says:

    Hi there SocProf,

    thx for the list and for mentioning our blog. I feel I do have to reply to your comment about a gender-neutral title. The good old latin word “homo” simply and innocently means “man” in the sense of “human” and is therefore rather gender-neutral, as well as our authors are briefed and experts in gender-neutral language ;-)

    I certainly share Tina’s curiosity for blogs from various parts of Asia, but also, I’m afraid, her lack of knowledge…


  3.   João Areosa Says:


    Very interesting this list of sociological blogs! I’ll check…


  4.   SocProf Says:

    Tina, thanks for the link… unfortunately, it is rather easy to find Western socbloggers. Outside of the West, it gets tricky and it’s often the luck of the draw. I found Carlos Serra because he linked to me… I guess these dumb memes that you dislike so much might actually be a nice trick to expand the network!

    Martin: the gender thing was my lame attempt at humor :-(

    Joao, welcome and please do keep coming and commenting!

    I do hope to expand the list of global socbloggers! IF you happen to bump into some of them at conferences or anywhere, please direct them here!


  5.   Tina Says:

    … and this very constructive tone in this collaborative environment is highly appreciated ;-)


  6.   Dangger Says:

    Hi! Thanks for mentioning our blog :D. We are all mexican but I am the only one who writes about sociological stuff.

    I am having a lot of fun taking a look at all the soc blogs in the list.


  7.   SocProf Says:

    my apologies for my European bias.
    I’ll correct the post accordingly.


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