Child Sacrifice on the Rise in Ivory Coast

IRIN This is truly terrifying. I did not know this was still going on in the world and I do know a lot about the appalling treatment of women and children around the world:

"Child abduction, which is already a serious problem in Cote d’Ivoire, may worsen in the run up to presidential elections later this year as political hopefuls using traditional myths of human sacrifice to improve their electoral chances will fuel an already significant market for stolen children, according to the Ivorian police.

“[Child abduction] is something that needs urgent attention especially in the run-up to the election because a lot of things are going to happen like human sacrifices and other rituals where the organs of children will be particularly in demand,” said Sergeant Antoine Goua Bi, a spokesperson for the child protection unit of the Ivorian police, who says child sacrifice always increases around election times."

Every day, three new cases of children kidnapping are registered with child protection services. Only 1 in 20 will be recovered. The main culprits are soothsayers and  the organ traffickers, who slice out hearts, kidneys, lungs and other organs for medical research. Children are also kidnapped into the sex trade, slavery on the cocoa plantations (unless you are careful to buy only fair trade chocolate, 80% of the chocolate you eat is tainted by slavery).

Photo source: IRIN with permission.

2 thoughts on “Child Sacrifice on the Rise in Ivory Coast

  1. This is shocking. I realize these people don’t come in contact with the outside world, but how can they be so backward as to believe that sacrificing children can get them anything in return. What deity exactly are they sacrificing these children to? How can I buy fair trade chocolate and other fair trade items?
    Will there ever be any hope for these so unheard of even, countries? How can I as an individual who has no money for donations to anything help.
    I post a diary on Daily Kos also besides my main blog. I thought the state of the US and Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. was bad, but someday could be improved.
    But how do we help all these little countries? Why are these people still so superstitious and why all the violence.
    Is all this because of the extreme poverty, lack of a formal education, or socialization. Why has no one helped these countries come into the 21st century?

  2. Sadie, these are good questions but BIG questions. Let me start to try to answer them.
    Buying fair trade in the US is now relatively easy: Target and Whole Foods have that. If you google “fair trade goods”, you will easily find a list of online merchants.

    Spreading the word (since, as you mention, so many issues go unheard of while we absolutely have to know the latest on Britney and whomever). The one thing you can do that won’t cost you is get educated yourself, then spread the knowledge around (I see you have a blog, you also probably belong to groups). That is an absolutely essential starting point.

    All the issues you mention are related to each other (poverty, religion, lack of education) and to many more (global economic issues, corruption, global food prices, etc.).

    When it comes to Africa, especially countries that have nothing to offer the global market, the attitude of the rich countries has often been to just look the other way (Rwanda).

    Even though, you don’t have money to give, what you can give, is a piece of your mind to your rep / senators / presidential candidate of your choice on these issues. Public pressure has to be applied, especially at election times. They want your vote, make them work for it.

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