Cleaning Up the Political Blogs Bookmarks

Not that anyone cares, but here is the list of blogs I will no longer read (or stopped reading already), no links, and in no particular order:

  • Atrios
  • Daily Kos
  • The Carpetbagger Report
  • Political Animal (except for cat blogging)
  • Obsidian Wings
  • TBogg (I’ll just drop by on Thursday night for the bassets pix)
  • AmericaBlog
  • TPM and associated sites
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money
  • Balloon Juice
  • Bard DeLong

I stopped watching cable news weeks ago.

Blogs I can still read as long as I avoid the comments:

The great discoveries of this primary season

Still Great

And everyone else on my blogroll.

5 thoughts on “Cleaning Up the Political Blogs Bookmarks

  1. Basically, I no longer read the sites that went ultra misogynystic or were cheerleaders of that during the primary. Some I dropped weeks ago when they went rabid (AmericaBlog, Balloon Juice), others (Atrios) were more recent.

    Digby remained herself through and through and provided calm analysis which I did not always agree with but she always made her case reasonably and analytically.

    It’s not whether I agreed with people is not what got them dropped, like Michelle Obama said, it’s the tone.

  2. Well, I would say that Digby is pretty rare in the blogosphere – both in terms of insight and in terms of general ability to stay within oneself. So that’s a pretty high bar. Which is reasonable, of course.

    I generally liked and disliked the mydd model – having multiple partisans of BO/HC. It had a nice ‘reality check’ feel to it, especially Jerome Armstrong.

    I’m surprised a little by the misogyny vibe, though that is kind of what I thought you had in mind. We don’t read the same blogs, but where there is overlap (Wash Monthly, Atrios, Kos, TPM) I got more partisanship than misogyny.

    There’s a broader problem of why (almost all) the men you’ve delinked lined up behind BO, but here misogyny mixes with all kinds of other stuff. E.g., I grew up in Chicago and have affinities there. But of course I’m also educated, white, male- BO fodder I guess. And it’s fascinating that HRC has at the end of this become synonymous with 2nd wave feminism, which I’m edgy about. I’m surprised at how that evolved.

    I especially like FDL myself, but also TPM. And Digby is meatier than most of the rest put together.

    Thanks for sharing, I appreciate the elaboration.

  3. Actually, a day later I think I’m being a little obtuse – I know what you’re getting at, and I think I’m not recognizing it sufficiently. Part of me wants to believe that US society is becoming progressively more equal vis-a-vis gender, even as I think it’s actually gotten worse.

  4. Actually, Peter, you were not obtuse at all.

    I’m not a MyDD reader which is why it’s not on the list at all. I just don’t have an opinion. From what others have written. It seems to be a mixed bag but Jerome Armstrong is considered one of the Founding Fathers of the Progressive Blogosphere, so, he carries that status over to the entire site.

    It’s actually interesting that you mention the partisanship of the blogs you mention reading since they adopted the post-partisan candidate with a passion.

    I’m also in Chicago (although not a native), which is why I’ve always been lukewarm toward BO, but a year ago, I would not have seen much problem with him.

    This primary has certainly been quite an enlightenment.

    But mostly, as far as the big blogs are concerned, my great disappointment is how much they stopped being a watchdog and alternative to the MSM and became cheerleaders.

    Guys like Ezra Klein and Kos have kinda sought out to become part of the MSM, but the breakdown in critical analysis was stunning both in speed and depth.

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