Another Bookmark Bites the Dust

At this rate, I might actually be able to make a dent in my "to-read" ever increasing pile of books, which would be a nice side effect of this sorry state of affairs. This time, it’s David Brin (sorry, no link for that stuff), one of my favorite science-fiction writers. David Brin also has a blog and his latest post is what got me to eliminate him from my bookmark and newsreader. The item, of course, relates to the Democratic primary (what else):

"Regarding the looming question of the vice presidency, who will Senator Obama select? There’s talk about opting for Senator Clinton. And millions of us praying “no, please!” Give her and Bill 1,000 patroage slots! A Supreme Court appointment, anything. We need her campaigning in liberal strongholds in October, firing up her supporters… not saying provocative things on Fox and firing up the other side. The difference is day vs night."

By now, this is the kind of stuff that makes me simply want to respond "go fuck yourself"… seriously. This is not the first time I have read this: Clinton supporters are mindless drones who can be appeased and will do our bidding for very little once we find the right reward, like mice in a maze. Well, David, we may be stupid but not THAT stupid and we can spot BS as well as anyone else. And you know what? YOU can go campaign in liberal strongholds in October. As for saying provocative things on Fox, you might want to re-watch Obama’s interview there, you know, the one where he threw any liberal constituency he could think of under the bus, because, after all, the Unity shtick is only for conservatives, not for liberals (and then go read my pal Vastleft’s masterful takedown , it is one of the best blog piece I have ever read).

And then, of course, no Hillary critique would be complete without rank sexism targeting her and her women supporters, now wouldn’t it?

"A gesture to her wing of the democratic melange would be Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius , who backed BHO early and who managed to win re election by a landslide in a normally Republican prairie state. She is articulate, persuasive, ad – tho she’s not an HRC supporter herself – would also serve as an excellent offering to those Hillary supporters who have proved themselves to be, well, rather ferociously single-issue."

That’s the solution, put another chick on the ticket as VP, we won’t notice the difference. After all, women are interchangeable and our limited brains will be fooled, "ferociously single-issued" that we are. Well, here another fuck you. The fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman is only ONE aspect of why we support her, among MANY other aspects. That seems to have escaped you. So, putting another woman on the ticket just to mollify us won’t do the trick. Again, I know we’re stupid but not THAT stupid.

Oh, and he’s not done yet. Here is another dose of patronizing and condescension:

"(An aside. Can you believe that feminists would actually utter the self demeaning and brittle phrase: “This may be my one chance to see a woman elected president!” Have any of them seen the new generation of karate-chopping young women out there? A generation that they helped to create? What a horrifically dour and sexist thing to say!)"

That’s right, we’re so stupid we can’t see how we’re not being feminist. Well, here’s another tidbit of information for you: the Obama campaign has pushed back the feminist agenda for decades by unleashing (strictly for the purpose of this nomination) the vile core of sexism and misogyny present at the heart of the liberal blogosphere, the media and the Democratic establishment. THIS is what will hurt any women who wants a political future. And no, this is not just because evil Hillary is oh-so divisive. It is because the liberal blogosphere, the media and the Democratic establishment ARE sexist, they just managed to hide it for all this time. So now, we know where they stand. And having very well mainstreamed sexist insults and discourse and allowed this whole pile of turd to be aired far and wide, the rest of us, women, will have to deal with it. It is YOU who fouled the water, we’ll have to clean it up.

So, thank you very much. You all got to enjoy your symbolic violence against us. I hope it was worth it. Don’t come blaming us for your loss in November. Reaping what one sowed and all that stuff.

4 thoughts on “Another Bookmark Bites the Dust

  1. Never underestimate the power of a man to underestimate a woman who’s reached her BS-Tolerance limit.

    As for Brin’s BS: “No” to Clinton either as a prez candidate or VP; “Yes” to Clinton as the “Clean up this mess and get your gals & guys to vote for Obama” general election campaigner.

    I want to know what Brin’s been smoking.

  2. And that is the ultimate sexist nonsense: that we’ll all eventually come to our senses because, after all, what else are we going to do?

    That’s the nice version. The angry version is to yell “Roe v. Wade” repeatedly at us (all the while deploring Hillary’s supposed use of fear tactics).

    And, then there is the run of the mill invitation to be reasonable, think about it, not be emotional about it.

    Truly, these people do not have a clue at to their own sexism.

  3. I think they know, on some level, how sexist they’re being. Otherwise, they wouldn’t try to bully Clinton and half of the women in the party into backing down and giving up.

    They’re also spewing ancient rightwing anti-Clinton talking points that they know aren’t true.

    Those Obama followers scare me as much as any other cult creeps.

  4. “Those Obama followers scare me as much as any other cult creeps.”

    Me too… glad to see I’m not the only one seeing it that way!

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