The Rovification of the Media and the So-called Progressive Blogosphere

Anyone, with a functioning brain not demented by Clinton Derangement Syndrome, can see that she is making a matter of fact statement: some primaries go all the way to June. Could she have put it better? Yes, probably. But it does not matter for the media and the so-called progressive blogosphere. Both have decided to engage in character assassination (I am using this expression on purpose) and to distort beyond recognition everything that Senator Clinton will say. We might as well get used to it.

Except the loser in this will not be Senator Clinton. It is the media (whose credibility was already shot after their cheerleading of the Bush administration in the run-up to the war in Iraq) and the so-called progressive blogosphere who was supposed to provide the critical political and media analysis that the mainstream corporate media no longer providing. Liberal bloggers not affected by the rabid hatred of Senator Clinton will have to ask themselves where the blogosphere goes from here.

There is no question that a line was crossed yesterday, by the media and the so-called progressive blogosphere. Personally, it has put me on the fence: if Senator Obama becomes the nominee, do I take a break from politics until November or do I actively campaign against him?

And I would also include in this hall of shame the Democratic National Committee who has had its collective thumb on the scale for Senator Obama, as well as anyone involved in the Democratic party leadership. They are actively complicit in the character assassination and blatant misogyny and race-baiting used against Senator Clinton.

So, what do we know now?

Senator Obama, the DNC, the Obama Fan Base have alienated more and more of the Clinton voters, who happen to be the core of the Democratic voting block.

Senator Obama has benefited from the free help from the media, the so-called progressive blogs and all levels of the Democratic party

But these advantages are not enough: Senator Obama cannot have competition, so, Why Won’t the Stupid Bitch Quit already and not behave like the Glenn Close character in Fatal Attraction? Because Senator Obama has never faced a competitive campaign. He and his teams always managed to get rid of competitors one way or the other BEFORE having to compete. And as for his senatorial race, he faced demented carpetbagging Alan Keyes… a hamster would have won that Senate seat.

Oh, and let’s look at one of the lamest excuses ever: with Senator Clinton still in the race, Senator Obama cannot focus on Senator McCain and therefore, Senator Clinton is damaging him. Because, apparently, Senator Obama cannot multi-task… but that’s ok, multi-tasking is not something potential presidents of the United States need. Besides, we already know he’s bored with campaigning and with policy wonkery.

And besides, accepting Senator Obama’s inability to multi-task just for the sake of discussion, you know who could be fighting Senator McCain: the fucking Democratic party! Instead of rigging the game for Senator Obama, they could be taking potshots (oops, can I type that? Will I be accused of inciting murder??) at Senator McCain’s positions and record. They could be fighting the "independent maverick" BS.

So, I guess this primary has been a learning experience for me and many others. I have not given up. I am still fighting for Hillary. She deserves it and I will not fail her.

What I have learned is that Senator Obama is not a progressive politician, he does not represent anything new in politics, he is not an ally to women nor a promoter of women’s rights.

The Democratic party is taking women for granted at its own peril. And guess what, blackmailing us with Roe v. Wade does not work anymore. You know why? Because with a Democratic-dominated Congress, there is no reason to allow a single anti-choice judge to be appointed… if the Democratic leadership had any spine (a big "if" to be sure).

The so-called progressive blogosphere has shown its true colors and they ain’t pretty: misogyny, mob behavior, mass hysteria, character assassination, disloyalty to progressive and liberal principles and I am being kind.

The new democratic party that Senator Obama wants to own and control quasi-exclusively is one with a very narrow and exclusive base, after the abuse, insult and ultimate rejection of the core Democratic base. Core Democratic voters and supporters have now to find a new political structure for themselves because if Senator Obama has his way, this is no longer a party where women, working class folks, and generally anyone unprivileged are welcome.

There is still time to stop this insanity and I hope that there are still some adults who can read electoral data at the DNC, rather than go with groupthink and crowd behavior and just the cheer cravenness of the ATM and coolness that Senator Obama represents.

The only legitimate and viable candidate at this point is Senator Clinton and her supporters and voters are no longer in the mood for consolation prize (VP slot) and have seen the Unity shtick for what it is: a shtick, like everything else Obama, it’s all style and no substance. And once you get past the inspirational / revivalist style that makes teenagers swoon, there is a pretty nasty core of contempt for "the rubes" and "the dry pussy demographic" and "the women’s studies set" or whatever.

Yesterday, you (and we all know who "you" are) crossed a line. But every time you stoop lower than we thought you ever could, you just strengthen our resolve. We will not let you push Senator Clinton out of this race. She will win (hopefully) or she will bow out gracefully, in which case, you’re on your own for the rest of the campaign.

And don’t bother guilt-tripping us. You made that bed, you now lie in it.

9 thoughts on “The Rovification of the Media and the So-called Progressive Blogosphere

  1. You nailed it. Smart man, you’ve been paying to close attention.

    You forgot to mention when they played the race card on Bill Cinton leading up to the South Carolina primary. Remember the Jesse Jackson comments?…

    Obama also wants to rewrite history. In his version, the Clinton administration was as much a failure as Bush’s. It’s unbelievable people fall for that.

  2. Obama would be more like Bush’s third term-

    Obama pushed the wrong button six times- voting against children’s aid in his home state

    He thinks Iraqis and Afghanis speak the same language- said we have too many translators in Iraq who could be in Afghanistan.

    Obama thinks we have 57 states.

    Obama thinks Thailand and Taiwan are the same place.

    Obama is pretty dense- already giving us Obamaisms at which to laugh.

  3. Luis, why make assumptions about my gender?

    And yes, you’re absolutely right about your other points. Painting the Clintons as racists is, to me, unforgivable.

  4. Gendiv,
    there is plenty to criticize with Obama, but it is still night and day with the Bush administration. Let’s not lose perspective here.

    Also, on the “Obamaisms”… Obama is not Bush, so, just drop it, ok.

    Obama lacks experience. THAT is a legitimate topic of discussion.

  5. Thanks! 17,000,000 of us life long democrats agree with you 100%. I no longer feel the democratic party represents my goals and values after this election. The only way I could have faith that it may correct itself at this time is if Senator Clinton, a moderate is nominated.
    She too will have a real fight to win the Presidency against her friend, Senator McCain but, she like McCain is a Patriot and true American Hero to many of us. She can get it done.
    Obama, his campaign and it’s radicals are SCARY.

  6. Actually, myopinion, Clinton turns out to be a more progressive populist than Obama. He’s the centrist who wants to reach out to the conservatives and evangelicals and sell out the liberal core of the Democratic party.

    He and his supporters are no radicals.

    The only radicals are McCain and the thugs in the Republican party.

  7. Well said! Additionally…

    I had a hard time deciding on who to vote for UNTIL I realized that Sen. Barack Obama had blocked a revote in Michigan and Florida. Just one of the reasons I decided to vote for Hillary. We have already lost habeus corpus in this country. We must not ever think that is okay to lose the right to have our votes counted, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I do not understand why Barack Obama would want to become the first presidential nominee of Afro-American descent based on votes NOT being included in the count; it took far too many decades to get women and blacks the right to have their votes counted. Does Sen. Obama want the nomination SO BAD that he would want the history books to write that he became the democratic nominee this way. And they talk about Hillary’s ambition! Obama (and his supporters) should stand up for what is right.. and true democratic principles. Does “every vote counts” really mean anything to the democratic party higherups? Did we learn nothing from 2000? Look what that brought us! The people should not pay for the bureaucrats bonehead decisions. The people deserve to have their votes count, ALWAYS. I have voted lifelong as a democrat in every election since I was first able to vote. I hate to say this but it’s true; if Barack Obama is the nominated candidate BASED ON MI & FL votes not being counted, I am not sure that I can, in any good conscience, vote for someone who does not stand by the peoples right to have their votes counted. Since Barack blocked a revote, he cannot complain if FL and MI delegates are seated as is. Obviously, in this election at least, the states who vote last actually have had more of an impact, so hopefully a lesson learned here by the Dem. organization in those states.

    EVERY VOTE SHOULD COUNT! Sign the petition to the DNC to seat FL & MI at:

    I say, long live the constitution, just as it is.

    Also, speaking of, has anyone seen the youtube video re: Barack’s uncle.

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