Three Worrisome Headlines

Two from Le Monde, one from the Guardian. The first one:

Selon l’ONU, près de 300 000 personnes seraient mortes au Darfour
LEMONDE.FR | 22.04.08

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You read that right, the UN estimates that 300,000 have died in Darfur (as opposed to the already horrific previous estimate of 200,000). For its part, the Sudanese government has updated its own death tally in Darfur from 1,000 to 10,000… How generous and open of them. The worst part of it is that there is no end in sight.

The second headline:

Le gouvernement pakistanais négocie un accord de paix avec les talibans
LEMONDE.FR | 23.04.08

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Oh yes, please, let’s rejoice: the Pakistani government gets chummy with the Talibans so they’ll stop killing people. In exchange, the Pakistani military would in effect withdraw from the region close to the Afghani border.

That’s good, that way, the Taliban can concentrate their efforts on reconquering Afghanistan, although they might not have to, as the Guardian informs us:

“The Afghan parliament is considering a law to ban makeup, men’s jeans, long hair and couples talking in public, amid fears that the country is sliding back to Taliban-style rules and conservative power. The proposal is seen as part of a wider push for Islamic values by Afghanistan’s ruling religious elite. It follows government attempts to ban hugely popular Indian soap operas and a recent decision by the high court to confirm the death sentences of nearly 100 people.”

Great, just great.


4 thoughts on “Three Worrisome Headlines

  1. Great information here. I’m going to be linking to you tomorrow just an FYI so you’ll know if you see some new traffic coming over.

    I hate that women are treated so awfully for simply being women. I was just reading about how a pack of dogs in India that ‘rescued’ a baby girl by making sure villagers found her. She had been abandoned by her parents. They talked about the burden of girls and their dowries and I thought-man. If Indian families could just unite and STOP paying any sort of dowry, what would happen? I can’t imagine all the Indian men would just stop marrying.

    Ok, enough ranting.

  2. Thanks, Sister Sassy,
    unfortunately, if there is one universal constant, it is the mistreatment of women. Heck, any one of us could fill whole blogs with just that.

    The price to pay in India for such practices is a very real shortage of girls, and therefore, of women available for marriage.

    Thanks again for the link and for dropping by.

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